Pattern Analysis for Acts 3:1-11

Hear the Emphatic Voice of the Holy Spirit


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There are four emphatic portions to this CHIASM:

1) The VARIATION in verse 6 reveals an unexpected twist: the man begged for alms but Peter told him to walk in the name of Jesus.

2) The FIRST/LAST contrast (elements A and A′) reveals the exclamatory results: he not only walked, he leapt!

3) In a chiasm, the CENTER POINT is often a place to find emphasis. In D and D′ of this chiasm (verses 4 and 5A) where Peter said, “Look at us!” and then he looked, that may or may not be emphatic to you. D and D′ represent a turning point in the story but to me it is not particularly emphatic. Pattern analysis does not dictate that an emphasis will speak to you—rather it points to a place were the voice of the Holy Spirit may be very important depending on the situation. If I was a severely afflicted man with no focus on the Lord, this center point should emphatically speak to me.

4) The CONCLUDING SUMMARY is broken out as a ALTERNATION SUBSTRUCTURE. In those verses, 8B to 11, the effect on the man and the people is emphasized. The X CENTER POINT (verse 10A) stresses the reason for their amazement: he was no longer sitting as a beggar. Not only was there physical healing, but his whole future changed emotionally, vocationally and hopefully his focus on God.